Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Neda" was not alone: Mostafa Ghaniyan's head was smashed by a bullet too!

Mostafa Ghaniyan is another one of those "hooligans" that Mr Ahmadinejad and his cronies accuse of vandalism!!!!
Mostafa Ghaniyan was a graduate engineering student of [one of] Tehran University[ies] who had just gone on the rooftop of his house to see what the gunfire was about. He was shot and died in his father's arm.  His father was probably forced to make a statement on IRNA (the islamic republic's news agency). In a skewed manner, he denied that he had made earlier statements pointing finger at anyone in his son's death. He stated that he had made a legal complaint about the killers [who were the "basijis"]. He also had stated that he was a "revolutionary" himself in 1979, and that he wouldn't let the legacy of the revolution be tarnished by lies and distortions--which he considered against the principle of Islam [notice that this is the same moto Mousavi is repeating in all his statements.]

Mostafa's father thanked god for having given him the opportunity to have raised his 26 years old son to have been a faithful, god-knowing, sociable, kind and ethical individual. His father describes his son as religious, humble, charming, and principled. Someone who had the merits to give the gift of his only possession, life, for Islam, Koran and for the integrity and independence of his country, and the freedom of the honorable Iranians.   

(father's statement in full in Persian)


Anonymous said...

So, only 4 have died so far ? where are the images of others ?

please post them as the number is just few, and not in hundreds or thousands as people killed by america, israel, peru, UK or other middle east regimes.

Anonymous said...

Such an young people !

I pity for them, ya.

I condemn, UK for this. and also azar nafisi, shah pehlavi, and the whole of the green CRAPs [Courageous Reform Aspiring P {P for pundits, he he :-) }]

Naj said...


4 people dying in a young democracy that claims itself an example of middle eastern republicanism is a SHAME!

And in fact the number's more than 4. I am trying to find the names and profile of all others. Keep checking for upcoming posts.

I don't like showing pictured of smashed brains, shot eyes, slit ribs, slashed faces. you can search plenty of those on internet.

Anonymous #2

You may condemn whoever you wish. but the responsibility of their death is on the hands of Basijis or the hitmen who are hired at 200$/day rates to "beat people up"!

David said...

I am sorry to read of the deaths of Mostafa, Ashkan, and Kianush. They all had something positive to give to the world. They were murdered by criminals who don't have any concept of what it is to be a moral, honorable, and decent human being.

an average patriot said...

I am sick of the brutality and the lying to keep their Revolution going. It will come to a head but that is tomorrows subject.

I am still waiting to see Ayatollah Sistani unite with Rafsanjani and Moussavi who are all saying the same thing now.

You betrayed the Revolution and release the children of the Revolution. Some 1,000 have disappeared since this began!