Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Have you heard that the 10% of recount has INCREASED Ahmadinejad's vote and decreased Mousavi's?

This picture is published by a pro-Ahmadinejad news agency, but they forgot to "fold" the ballots before taking their pictures! Such tidy votes!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

amazing.... they're not even BOTHERING TO PRETEND that this was a real vote!!!
So-- who exactly is this supposed to 'convince'? World opinion? Mousavi supporters?
I'm reminded of a parable I heard a long time ago: A beggar grabbed the knees of a merchant who was walking through the bazaar, saying, "Alas, master, I have no food, and my mother is dying!" Remembering his faith, the merchant took out his purse and gave the beggar nine of the ten gold coins that he had. The beggar thanked him profusely, bowing to the merchant as he walked away. And then the beggar stealthily followed the generous man, and skillfully stole the merchant's remaining gold coin.
So I'm 'reminded' of this parable, but it doesn't really fit this situation. It's more like the MERCHANT came with thugs, stole the beggar's few coins, beat him senseless, then came back to steal the tiny pittance they'd left in his bowl.
The mask has now slipped, and Ahmandinejad's handlers know it. Their only recourse is fascism, but that only works for a short time, as history shows.
And there IS a God. He may not be in the same time frame as those of us who are mortal and must die, but he is never silent nor inattentive. As Martin Luther King observed, the arc of the moral universe is (indeed!) long, but it does bend toward justice.
All my thoughts, all my prayers, are with the people of Iran who only want their government to reflect their will. I don't know who's ever really gotten that, but it's a goal that all human beings strive for.

Naj said...


Your parable is indeed a fitting one.

You see, Mousavi has a whole bunch of air-headed supporters; those who thought/imagined he would turn Iran into Paris!! Unfortunately, this false image has also fooled a lot of his opponents, namely the agents of coup d'etat.

What is SAD about this situation is that Mousavi, given that he WAS a conservative, who served as Iran's prime minister, as Khamenei's prime minister, when Khomenini was alive, WAS THE BEST CHANCE for uniting Iran.

On the one hand, he was giving hope to those air-headed disgruntled youth who wanted little but some social freedoms, on the other hand he would have held tightly to the principles of the Islamic republic, especially in economic terms.

That this chance was lost for Iran is very disappointing and I think I concur both with the Iranian regime AND the opposition led by Mousavi that the hands of foreigners were behind this "revolution".

The ahmadinejad supporters blame the Western block for instigating it (i.e. Uk and US); the mousavi camp blames the eastern block (i.e. china and russia) for masterminding it. This dichotomous counteraction has existed in Iran's history for much of its modern history.

Both Mousavis and Ahmadinejad's supporters are correct.

The west is benefitting from this situation because it is finding legitimacy in its anti-Iranian rhetoric, and keeping it as a bogeyman to keep funding Israeli's and Arab's armies (which constitutes a large portion of their economy)

The east is benefitting from this because it is using the west's anti-Iranian stance, and its veto power on the UN's security council to take advantage of IRanian governments unpopularity inside and outside Iran. In this way, china and Russia are practically robbing Iran of its wealth!

You see this is a delicate situation. I personally wish Khamenei had intervened and had merged/married the camps of Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. I wish there would be another election, fair and square, and I wish in that election Ali Larijani to win!

But khamenei has LOST this GOLDEN GOLDEN GOLDEN opportunity.

Now all this aside, there is one issue that deserves attention by ahmadinejad's camp: they should STOP acting like fascists, as this is feeding both the eastern and the western monsters. They should stop hiring hitmen at 200$/day (as confessed by one of the so called security hires) to beat people who are protesting.

In fact, they should let people protest and vent off, instead of acting like insecure cheaters.

I am somewhat happy Michael Jackson died! God bless him for his timely death, because at least we don't have CNN fanning the flames of our national divide.

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Pedestrian said...

I was just writing post about this (not your post, but your comment). Ahmadinejad is now the president, and even though I strongly doubt it, I hope his strong, Western PR team knows how to clean up all the rubble and dirt he and Khamenei have left in their wake. A divided Iran can't be good for anyone.

I was even thinking that unlike the previous years where they had thousands of "morality police" everywhere, they might do the opposite and let us kids go about our partying business (those who have that sort of business anyways). That's a sure fire way to get some of these kids to shut up. Sadly :(

Naj said...


the IRI is suffering an identity crisis, but I see it as a sign of maturity! It's now like a teenager!

Ahmadinejad is a spent force now.

Did you notice he cancelled his trip to whatever international meeting it was, today?

They may have declared him victor, but he cannot really look in the eyes of the world and think of himself as the man with a halo over his head! Idiot fool!

If the kids can party, that will be good! I hope at least that happens.

David said...

I have not heard this. I presume that unfolded ballots are almost certainly fraudulent ballots.

Are Khamenei and Ahmadinejad living in a dream world? Do they really think they can fool the Iranian people into believing the lies they are telling?

Naj, I really don't understand your comments here. Do you really believe that some sort of religiously based utopia can be perfected in Iran? I don't think that is possible. Religiously based societies have always become corrupt and evil in the past. I think the only way to approach a just society is to separate religion and politics. The U.S. has a lot of problems and a lot of injustice, but its a much better place to live than Iran from what I have seen. Of all the countries I have learned about, I think that Sweden and Norway may have the best and most just governmental systems. By that I mean the greatest good for the greatest number.

Naj said...


As you are witnessing today, secular"ized" socieities are getting increasingly religious, because religion is a "reaction" to man's inability to understand and manage himself.

Iran is in the passage, and caught between two worlds. But, by and large it is a "religious" society. Even the most enlightened of individuals subscribe to a strong sense of spirituality which makes them different kinds of humanists.

Now, comparing a society that from the onset of its history has operated in a hierarchical manner, where individuals have willfully worshiped "one" god, and thereafter "one" king and "one" leader to a Scandinavian one which has from the onset operated on the principle of equality, is like comparing apples and oranges.

For Iran to achieve and then attain that kind of democracy, much of what is unfolding now must have happened. People should first come to the realization of their own power. The post-election era was the first time in the history of Iran that people bypassed the will of their leaders, dragged the leaders behind them and made the leaders wear their color.

This kind of process takes time, especially because it is going against the historical slopes on which IRan is built.

To renounce religion in Iran is a political suicide!
To force religion in Iran, well that too is a religious suicide.

Remember, Ahmadinejad ran on a "nationalist" platform, he had his supporters wear the flag. This means, that he too found the basis of his support elsewhere than religion.

The despotism that is practiced in Iran today is condemned by the religious leaders (who are not part of the governing body) ; and the green people are chanting koran and religious slogans to empower themselves against the injustice done to them. As I said, religion is a reaction.

martin said...

dear Naj,
Your retoric, and I call it retoric deliberately, annoys me.
I would like to put down my comments on your words to anonymous. Why do you call (part of)Mousavi supporters a bunch of dreamers? Why this negative connotation? On many occasions good things start with a dream of air-headed opportunists.. I think these dreamers want more than just a little bit of social freedom ..
I don't agree with your statement that both west and east benefit from the situation. In that case you failed to read the more serious comments in the international press. And for that matter, give me some subtitles on what you call masterminding and instigating by east and west...? What's your proof on that matter Naj? Maybe your comments cut right through everything that is wrong in this world..Maybe you are right (..!?), but in all your correct bitterness I miss words of hope. Tell me, what do you stand for? What's your message to the world?
Greetings - PS: What has become of your family?

Naj said...

Dear Martin,

I understand your annoyance with my seemingly desperate rhetoric. But it is either I have mis-articulated myself or you have misunderstood me.

I think in any social political movement, there are plenty of individuals who align themselves partially with a wave that is happening. I do not consider all greens "airheaded dreamer", but I have been in contact with enough, some of which highly political individuals, who have little conception of the world that is happening outside of IRan, and the way Iran is played out in the world.

My "hope" is in the fact that after any movement, you LEARN something. That as an individual becomes a part of a movement, he grows with it, and grows it.

What has happened in the past few weeks is very remarkable. A movement has begun from the hearts of individuals, they have been courageous in their initial response. But then, Eastern and Western PESTS have landed on it. Like scavengers, smelling the blood and landing for apiece of the corpse!

Just a glance at the EU, US, UK and then Russia and CHina's response to the "people" makes it clear that for them, the "freedom" of Iranian populace is the least of concerns! They have geopolitical and economic interests in Iran that are BEST served by divisions between Iranian government and its people.

My HOPE is that the new generation of "revolutionaries" will be acting smarter than their fathers did 30 years ago.

I believe a DESPOT can be moulded into the will of the people. But it takes talent and patience to break old frames. My hope is that whoever these new revolutionaries are, will muster that patience. SAdly, I am already hearing reports of "depression". This is not time for being depressed and whining!

This is not time for hero-making and martyr worshipping.

This is time for thinking and being clever and taking advantage of a government that NEEDS its people to gain international legitimacy; and I think with a bit of compromise the PEOPEL can get many advantages from this situation!

My family ... I know they are well, but I cannot speak with them on any matter other than home decoration and food!!!!!