Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brainwashing the gullible to think Ahmadinejad's a "holy" figure ... by religious bullshit

For the fundamentalist fascist who calls himself Pen Name.
Source:"” شخصیت های زمان ظهور ” 
Available in your local mosque!!


Demeur said...

I wish you'd translate that for all us non arabic reading fans.

Naj said...


this is Persian language (but Arabic letters).
It's describing the physical and occupational characteristics of the man who brings about the return of the "messiah"! For Iranians it's called Imam Mahdi!

Those descriptions match Ahmadinejad :)

Anonymous said...

من می‌‌دانم که قلب شما نیک است و به محبت ایران می‌‌تپد. و لیکن نباید به دلیل اختلاف سیاسی مردی را که بدون دیدن شما و فقط به دلیل آشنایی با فکر شما از طریق نوشته‌هایتان به شما علاقمند شده است این گونه مورد خطاب قرار بدهید.

دوستدار شما

قلم نام

Anonymous said...

There has been a book called "Shahnamatollah" that has been in existence for many decades filled with details about the signs of the emergence of the 12-th Imam.

This material here is not new - what is new is the identification of Mr. Ahmadinejad as another sign of the coming of the Hazrate Mahdi.

I personally do not apporve of this but I find it harmless.

pen Name

Naj said...

And that is what marhoom Shari'ati called "The Black Shiism"

We need to revert to "the Green Shiism".

Mohammad came to fight such superstitious nonsense. He didn't come with "miracles and signs" he came with "Pen", with a "Book".

Ahmadinejad's damaging Iran's example of Islamic republicanism. If he IS legitimately elected, then he will be re-elected as well. The legitimacy of the IRI must be established. this was the FIRST chance, and if things continue, it will be the last!

Anonymous said...

Shariati was wrong on many things - this is one of them.

We cannot go from Safavi Shia to Alawi Shia.

Without Safavi Shia, Iran cannot exist.

And Alawi Shia is not possible, too much has happened the most important being the Path of Imam Hussein.

Also we need Hope. That Phirooz Vahram - the Zorastrian name for the Messiah - the 12-th Iman will emerge and restore the world to Justice.

And it is said that he will first emerge in Mecca and by his side will be Jesus the Son of Mary.

You may find all of this pathetic and laughable. But it is the substance of hope of millions of people.

Even a false hope is better than no hope at all.

pen Name

Naj said...

Pen Name,

yeah I know the power of "false hope" but they need to be managed by the 'intellectual few'!

Anonymous said...


Over the centuries, the Shia Doctors of Religion have been waging a very successful war against the khorafat and superstitions of the public.

They have been largely succesful.

When a few prople claimed to be Mahdi's messengers approched Khomenin - he refused to talk to them. Instead, he gave them 3 philosophical questions to ask Mahdi for an answer. They never came back.

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Pen Nam

You are such fanatic stupid person.

From where all this Sh* you talking about?

All these in your stpie4d imagination and its khorafat...

Go read Koran very well and leave these khorafat from those like Khaminهe and Ahmadinejad, these guys love these khorafat and use them as tool to make people like you believes in these lies never been documented or mentioned By Allah or By Prophet Mohammed ص

Naj said...


I let your comment go this time as I understand your frustration. But I reserve the right of calling Pen name names exclusively to myself! Please try to be courteous next time.