Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mousavi appears publicly to visit the mourning family of Sohrab A'arabi

This 19 years old boy was killed with a bullet in the heart! his mother was camping in front of the Evin prison for almost a month. Her son had already died over three weeks before she was called to identify the body, but no one bothered to inform her. In the meantime, she, a member of Mothers for Peace, was worrying and petitioning to prevent her son (and others) being tortured.

A'rabi's family is the first to have publicly defied the IRI orders of "holding a quiet funeral". His devastated mother's pledging to fight on! and so do many Iranians! (Sohrab;s father had died when he was 16, after a long battle with cancer)

What is concerning is that Sohrab's mother identified him from over 50 pictures she was shown. This means that at least over 50 of those who are missing may already be killed. When? We won't perhaps know. And because there is no opportunity of autopsy, then we will be inclined to believe the worst rumors about the Evin prisoners. And of course, those who want to blame us for spreading "propaganda" may instead go petition their beloved Ahmaghinejad regime to loosen up prisons, and let in journalists and independent observers to assess the human rights in Iran's prisons, political and otherwise!

This will also let us know who the 13 Balouch who were hanged were. Just because someone belong to Jondollah, which is branded as a wing of Al Quaeda, doesn't mean we should let their death go uninvestigated!


Pedestrian said...

Naj, did you read the accounts written by a family friend about what his mom had been through the past 20 days?

I started translating it, but I break down crying every paragraph ... at this rate, I won't be finished by next week.

Naj said...

No, I read Mahnaz Mohamadi's account (who was his ammeh).

THis is just despicable crime; but that idiot firooz-abadi has the guts to come and write "ranjnameh" that their basijis were attacked and killed with American and ISraeli guns!!!!!! WTF! They realy think people are dumb; or they are dumb! I am becoming more convinced taht they are just caught in a world of fantasy: imagining a halo over this ugly heads!

David said...

Some day, the families of the thousands of victims of the IRI will descend upon Evin Prison and tear it apart brick by brick. It is the ultimate symbol of evil of a tyrannical regime.

Naj, the pictures of victims that you post, like young Sohrab, really help to humanize what is happening in Iran. TV networks, like CNN, never show any of these pictures. I am sorry for Sohrab's mother, and for the families of the other victims.

I am glad to hear of the courage of Sohrab's family to hold a funeral for their loved one in defiance of the cruel orders of the regime. I hope that this brave spark will light a much greater flame that will see other families defying the order, as well. I think perhaps that Mousavi has this in mind, and that his visit to Sohrab's family is a powerful statement of peaceful resistance.

Naj said...

David, Evin has been a symbol of tyranny even BEFORE these dudes took over. it is our version of Alkatraz! The prison with a view!!

I visited Alkatraz a few days ago and I had never felt enriched as much as I was after that "tourist expedition"!

The prisons are costly affairs for a state! The best way of closing them is if we generate more and more prisoners. TO do so, we have to put fear aside and to make sure our arrest becomes a public spectacle. They cannot put half of the people of a country in Evin.

I think the other thing Iranians should do is to "confess" quickly; why get beaten up to vomit a false confession, they can make their confessions quickly and say sorry quickly BECAUSE the intention of Evin is to SCARE OFF people into silence. a dead body is the most silent one.

I don't know ... I feel I am in a wonderland these days. I know that none of this would have been happening if there were NOT an economic interest behind forcing Ahmadinejad into office. And I hope history will speak to us sooner than later on that matter.

Anonymous said...

Young life cut short.
More dreams unfulfilled
More good memories denied
A mothers unbearable pain
Your death wont be wasted
You will get your justice young man

Hoping for a freer Iran

Tristan said...

This Post Came Off Very Shocking To Me And My Best Friend. It's Teribble That This Has To Happen. It Can't Be Stopped Unless People Ban Together And Take Matters Into Their Own Hands.
I Wish the Best Of Luck To You All.
I Send My Condolences To This Boys Family Also.