Monday, July 20, 2009

Translating for a Persian blogger addressing his Palestinian Brother

What is expressed in the following is not necessarily my opinion. But I think for Palestinians, it is critical to know how the actions of Ahmadinejad and the IRI make the majority of Iranians feel about them.

Yes, a lot of people in Iran are 'convinced' that the Basijis who engage in brutalization of the Iranian protesters are from Hamas or Hezbollah ... We NEED to hear from you DENOUNCING the actions of IRI ... denouncing them being the only regime other than the Israeli one to attack innocent people during a friday prayer ... your silence is feeding our doubts ...

Here's the blog:دوست-فلسطینی،-مردم-من-در-هواپیمای-اسقا/

"Friend, Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian or whatever you are ...
We don't know if you read this or not.
My people die in decrepit airplanes, such that our oil money would ensure you are not left hungry.
Still, you kill my brothers on our streets?
Still, you cheer those who kill us?
I wish I had not dozed off in Arabic classes of High school.
I wish I knew which sites you read ... "


Gene said...

Speaking of translation, Naj, what does "ahmadinajhad rayis jomhore ma nist" mean? Thanks!

Naj said...

"Aymadinejad, head of republic(president) of ours is not"

Ahmadineja's not our president!