Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Neda" was not the only one: remembering Kianush Aasa

Kianush Aasa was buried yesterday. He was 27 years old. He was finishing the last year of his master's degree in Petrochemical Engineering in Tehran's university of Science and technology (Elm o San'at). He was gunned down by a bullet fired from a so-called "Basiji". After he is shot, his body is immediately removed from the scene. No one knows what happened to it until recently that after frantic searching of all Tehran hospitals, the family has been able to find it in a Tehran morgue. He was returned to his hometown, Kermanshah (which is one of the Kurish provinces of Iran.)

Kianush's funeral was not advertise, and his family was prevented from talking about the manner of his death. However, a crowd of 6000 accompanied his body to the graveyard. The crowd was accompanied by heavy but uneventful security presence.

Kianush was an environmental activist, and a member of an evironmental protection NGO in his hometown, Kermanshah. He loved music and played Tanbur well. His thesis supervisor, Dr. Ashrafizadeh was the only person to give a speech in his funeral. He mentioned that among many qualities, he was a top student, a genius who will not be easily replaced.

Kianush was gunned down in Freedome Square, June 15, 2009! 

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