Friday, July 17, 2009

Hashemi's Friday-Prayer sermon was NOT conciliatory, it was pragmatic!

UPDATE: more people are coming out in support of Hashemi! I think I will forgive all his past crimes for his courageous appearance today!

Zahra Rahnavard, in Friday prayer. Woman in dark veil and blue shirt.

This is Karoubi before his turban falls.

The man sitting in the blue shirt with white hair/bears is Mousavi in today's prayer.

Please read the transcript by ISNA. (in persian)

Someone is fanning the flames in Iran!

As we speak, people are chanting:

Down with Russia
Political prisoners must be released
Down with dictator

Hashemi gave the speech he was expected. People are now being encouraged to "topple" the regime ... and this is NOT what we need. This is NOT what we need ... And the Los Angeles traitors as well as "mojahedine khalgh" are gleefully cheering on people to revolt ... I am just so depressed. I will translate and post things this weekend.

But for the record:
Mousavi WAS present in the prayer
More tear gas, more arrests, more stabbing ...
I cannot decipher rumors and facts now. I need to wait a few hours to get the bigger picture!

PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE right now! We NEED TO WAIT a few more hours!


Naj said...

I KNOW that my position is particularly UNPOPULAR with people who are suffering the perils of IRI INSIDE Iran!

BUT, I seriously think we need to stick to Hashemi's approach for now, or else the stakes are TOO high and Iran will pay a HEAVY price for it; and a very FEW will benefit from it!

This revolution WILL happen slowly; and these confrontational technics are VERY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE ...

PLEASE THINK FOR A SECOND if you are here to bash me for being a hashemi-loving traitor!

I am a proven Hashemi-hater; but hid sermon (at least as far as I can see it on ISNA is a good and logical one!


Pedestrian said...

Naj, I was thinking that exactly: maybe I can forgive Hashemi. He really delivered today. (don't worry, I'm not getting excited! we have to wait and see what he does from now on) But the more I think of his speech, the better it sounds. He hit all the right notes.