Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indeed ... thousands ... again ... their courage humbles me!

Thousands flood Tehran's cemetery despite explicit rejection of request for peaceful assembly; and despite explicit threat by the guards that the crowds will face violence ...

Jafar Panahi is released!


Anonymous said...

These people are so brave. Showing up in big numbers despite authorities threatening them with death and also hundreds being killed. I think the people have concluded that they don't like this government and they are determined to get rid of it.

Naj said...

People don't want to "get rid of government"! They don't have one right now! They want to take back the ir government and hold it to its existing constitution!

See older posts for an example of how the current "regime" (which is not a government) is breaking the law!

Anonymous said...


You are right! They don't have a "government" because any legitimate governemt would uphold the constitution; which clearly states that freedom of assembly is allowed so far as it is peaceful.

Have you read Montazari's statements today? God bless this man. There is nothing Islamic about these people killing their own people. I am not sure who is interpreting the koran for them, but spilling innocent blood is a big offense against God, and they will answer for it during the judgement day.

Naj said...


yes I have read his comments and also those of Khatamis. Everyone is condemning this. And Ahmadinejad has pissed off so many of the hardliners that even they are getting bored with their own lies!

Press TV has started sowing signs that it is attempting to be a "respectable" news agency, by reporting something which they probably copied from Reuters! So, tides are turning!

David said...

Hello Naj, I am still following the news of Iran closely, even though I have not had much to say recently. I also salute the courage of the demonstrators who honored Neda on the 40th day since her death!

I am curious about the most recent statements by Montazari and Khatami. Do you have links to any articles with translations?

Naj said...

Hi David:

for Khatami: there is something on PressTV! (

Keep in mind that PressTV is just a little pressure valve taht has only NOW started leaking a little!

Montazeri; I couldn't find a translation but I try to translate it this weekend, I am really having trouble keeping up with work and with the news :(

Nothing that Khatami or Montazeri are saying is new. Montazeri has been decrying cruelty and unlawful actions of the Intelligence organizations for the past 20 years! I am reading his memoir these days! Brave honest man!

Khatami is also urging that the legal system should address crimes committed in the Iranian prisons. Juan Cole has a good take on some of the conservative papers today as well