Friday, July 3, 2009

More information about others killed by the IRI after the "landslide" victory of Dr Ahrimannejad (Ahriman=devil)!

Source: Amir Kabir U news agency (BRAVO polytechnic! you have come a long way since those days that your basijis chased me for writing what they didn't like!)

Some of the conditions for funerals set by the government for the families of the innocent victims:
1) the funeral be held in small scale and attended only by family members [in Iran funerals are attended by EVERYONE who knows anyone of the dead's family]

2) no motos, speeches and signs against the government.

3) the cause of death should not be written on the tombstone.

And here are the names:
  • Mohammad Hossein Barzegar, 25, killed in haft-e-Tir square, 28 Khordad.
  • Seyed Reza Tabatabayee, 30, accountant, killed on Azerbaijan street, 30 khordad.
  • Iman Hashemi, 27, shot in the eye that killed him on Friday 30 Khordad on Azadi street.
  • Parisa Keli (not sure of spelling last name, female) 25, graduate in Literature, shot in the neck on 31 Khordad on Keshavarz boulevard.
  • Mohsen Hadadi, 24, computer software designer, shot in the forehead on Nosrat street, on 30 Khordad.
  • Mohammad Nikzadi, 22, graduate of building engineering, shot in the chest, in Vanak Square, on 26 khordad.
  • Ali Shahedi, 24, after being arrested and transferred to the police station in Tehran Pars district, he was killed on 31 Khordad, and the cause of death was not revealed.
  • Vahed Akbari ,34, married with a 3 years old daughter. Shot in torso, on 30 Khordad on Vanak street.
  • Abolfazl Abdollahi, 21, shot in the back of the head in front of Sharif University on Azadi street, on Khordad 30.
  • Salar Tahmasbi, 27, graduate student in trade management in Rasht university, Shot in the forehead on Saturday Jordad 30 on Jomhoori street! [jomhoori means republic]
  • Fahimeh Salahshoor, 25, female, hit on the head with a baton on Khordad 21, and died of internal bleeding at the hospital.
  • Vahid-Reza Tabatabayee, 29, graduate in English, shot in the head in Baharestan square [in front of the parliament] on 3 Tir. 


vagabond said...

reminds me of "katyn" ... yours is such a beautiful country ...such beautiful people ... and such a terrible fate.

Pedestrian said...

Naj, any word on who/how many may have died in the attacks on the University of Tehran dormitories? From close family members who are student there and my own classmates, I've heard that five students lost their lives. But I haven't heard a word about their names or identities.

Anonymous said...

Despite being an atheist, I do pray in my own way, only not to a god. I shall pray for those who passed away during those dreadful days.

I did not know you were such a brave soul yourself, Naj. Well, I knew you were, just not that much. I feel very privileged to have known you, even if only virtually. Kindest regards!

azadi eshgheman said...

i have some more names here: