Friday, July 17, 2009

Statement of Mousavi's camp in support of Hashemi's stance. I FULLY endorse this assessment.

"Despite plots to put heavy pressure on him, both before and during the friday prayer (having made it clear that they won't stop at anything given that they had arrested his children earlier), Mr Hashemi took a middle-left position that secured the minimum demands of the green movement.

Not only did he debunk the "confession project" (admitting that he was deceived to assist in selling the country to foreigners), but he also attested to the integrity of all those who were lined up to "confess" after him [referring to heavy pressure on Hajarian, Saharkhiz, Taaj zadeh ...]. Today, as a green link, he connected us to the chain of history.

Viva Hashemi!

In summary, Mr Hashemi demanded the following:
1) Freedom of political prisoners.
2) Media independence from state control
3) trying to restore people's trust and confidence
4) constitutional reform

He also condemned the china's treatment of the innocent muslims, uniting both the reformist and fundamentalist attendees to chant in unison: down with China!"

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