Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What you should know about what is happening in Iran!

I'll make it simple!

  1. Iranian women are fashionable and stylish, even under the veil! Wearing Gucci glasses doesn't imply this is a struggle between classes! Turkey has been supplying Iran with fake designer attire far before China democratized fashion!
  2. The only party in this conflict who has been seeking "foreign approval" is Mr Ahmadinejad, who is 'subsidizing' the support he is forking out from Africa, China, Venezuela, Syria; and who is subjecting Iran to heavy taxation by Russia. It is THIS waste of Iran's resources that makes us hate him so! His international popularity comes at a cost! He gives free potato to buy the rural vote and  he gives free petrol to buy China and Russia's veto!   
  3. Do not hold your breath, there will not be a regime change! And Khamenei will not be tried in any court until the judgement day when he meets his maker! But the IRI is changing in its very fabric; it is a change it has been undergoing in the past 10 years. It is steady progress.
  4. What is happening in Iran will not escalate into a civil war! Iranians are a fun loving bunch and they try to find a way out of conflict and into normalcy! Iranians are also a tolerant bunch; even though they may sound passionate every now and again. If my Bahai friend finds Iran (even under Ahmadinejad) a better place to live than Germany, it should speak volumes to you in terms of what compassion and peaceful coexistence in Iran means!
  5. These jailings and crackdowns, are not NEW and not shocking to people who are in Iran! We are shocked that the IRI has unveiled itself to the world so carelessly; but we always knew what's happening there!
  6. Even the revolutionary guards and the Basijis are reformable! Know that many of the leaders of the movement today were the oppressors of yesterday!
  7. Ahmadinejad seem to have learned his lesson! He is already prioritizing "social freedoms" in his agenda!!! In a country that the middle class is the largest portion of the society, a government has NO CHOICE but to accommodate their wishes. Cracks that are forming in the fabric of the IRI elite reflect their attention to the power of the masses!
  8. Israel is not going to attack Iran; Iran knows it, Israel knows it too! I take Biden's remarks and Obama's later rebuttal of those more as what we call in persian "the goldsmith's fight", which is a staged conflict within the ranks of the same profession only to jack up the prices of their own commodity. Here, the Obama/Biden commodity is their wish to engage Iran diplomatically, but being put in this moral position vis a vis their own people who are appalled by the bloody images coming from Iran. 
  9. Iran is a Muslim country! Even atheists in Iran are spiritual and act/do as muslims are supposed to act/do--which is to be fair, honest, clean, generous, selfless, brave! Shiisim is a revolutionary manifesto that Iran has subscribed to in its struggle for justice and freedom. This that you see on streets of Iran is indeed another "Islamic Revolution"! Secularism is not on the agenda of the Green Wave! Look, the most secular of us atheist Iranians are looking up to the power clergy hold over the masses to divest Ahmadinejad and his fascist supporters of power! 
  10. I would be happy if street fights are stopping; this is a great opportunity for this young movement to sit back, evaluate itself, and think of its long term goals. No nation has been indefinitely oppressed by the police; and Iranians are too creative to be! This is a hope booster that is injected in lethargic soul of a depressive youth! This shall not turn into despair and I am so ever proud of the wisdom of my younger brothers and sisters who are acting so much smarter than my older ones who bestowed us with the IRI 30 years ago, and then got themselves killed (either in war or in prison) and exiled!   


Gail said...

Hi Naj-

I read every word you wrote in earnest. "Thank you" for helping me understand.

I think you should be on CNN news.

Love Gail

Naj said...

:) Thanks Gail!

I am afraid CNN wants people who sensationalize things and give big hopes of big dramas!

Let's face it, that Deat of MJ threw Iran TOTALLY off of CNN radar was the BEST proof for all (especially Iranian twitters) who were already in doubt that CNN is a market not a news agency!

Gail said...

Hi again Naj -

My point exactly. You would tell it like it is - no hype - fact and real life outcomes.

I am in awe of your reporting expertise and real accounting of this desperate situation.

Love Gail
peace .....

Naj said...

Desperate situation? It is not! It is a very inspiring situation.

Gail said...

Hi Naj-

THat is why I don't often comment - for fear that my use of language wont fit with a reality I have no real insight about. The part I am feeling or seeing as desperate is all the violence I saw on the news. Sorry if my ignorance on all this offended you.


Naj said...

Gail, not at all :) I was just trying to give you some comfort :)

Gail said...

Hi Naj-

thanks for that. phew. these forums leave so much open to interpretation. so much is lost in meaning without all the non-verbal cues. oh my.

again "thank you" for your understanding.

love Gail

Naj said...

Gail, thank YOU for showing interest and trying to understand, and for your prayers.

Remember, we are all citizens of the world, we will need you to keep an eye on your own government and maybe slap Mr Biden on his wrist for his stupid recent comments!

goatman said...

I am always thankful for the foresight of our founders for the separation of church and state in our constitution, when I see what mixing the two can do to a country. Of course your history is church and the "state" is a latecomer but eventually we citizens must see to the rightful place for each in our governments.
You are fighting that battle now.

Naj said...

Goatman, actually our history is not church and then state
our history is state (Safavid Dynasty) that brought in religion into the state.

Naj said...

also, even prior to Islam, religion and state have been operating in close symbiosis in Persia!

(Religion being secondary to state)

tnm16 said...

"He gives free potato to buy the rural vote and he gives free petrol to buy China and Russia's veto!"

WELL-SAID! I will quote you on that!! : )