Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahmadinejad has become a "Reformist"!?!

In the past few hours, he has been firing some of his most fundamentalist supportes:

Mohseni Ejehi, the Minister of Intelligence (who's been in charge of putting anyone with a brain in prison. He was nominated to serve as the minister of Justice!)
Saffar Harandi, the minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance (who has been in charge of closing down any news paper that published anything reform-related.)
Kamran Bagheri-Lankarani, the minister of health (who has been neglecting people who have been dying of infection, thanks to basiji people-batters! Not confirmed yet.)

This was reported by Tabnak (A paper connected to Mohsen Rezayee the founder of the Revolutionary Guards and a contender in the presidential race). I put a snapshot because in the past few hours, a lot of items appearing on the Tabnak web site:

A lot of these things have happened because the son of one of the IRI's regime consultants has been killed under arrest, and this has angered many a staunch supporter of Ahmadinejad.

I see all this as a prelude to sacking Ahmadinejad! We shall see!


Pedestrian said...

Naj, maybe you saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor!

Ansar News wrote 4 hours ago: "Ahmadinejad, amadeyeh barkeneariyeh khod bash"

I took a picture of the screen, but lost it :(

I went to get another shot when I realized it wasn't properly saved, but they've removed it!!!!

Copeland said...

Ahmadinejad may be positioning himself in a conciliatory way in order to be able to govern. In American politics this is called "moving to the middle" or bi-partisanship, or (a more cynical term: triangulation).

Maybe it's too soon to say whether Ahmadinejad will be sacked. If he moves to limit the damages thus suffered or reverse them. he could improve his position politically.

It's up to Iranians to figure out whether his changes are cynical moves, or some signal for political compromise with the reformers.