Monday, July 27, 2009

Ahmadinnejad's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance refuses to take back his job!

In his letter, he clearly states that Ahmadinejad is calling him back to cabinet because he has "just" realized he needs a minimum number in his cabinet to run a legitimate government, constitutionally. With firing cabinet members over the weekend, plus those who already quit after the appointment of Mashayee, Ahmadinejad has no legal right to run the country. This is communicated by the very conservative deputy speaker of the parliament: Bahonar!

Rats are beginning to jump the ship. All those crookeds who have been supportive of Khamenei have now a perfect excuse to herald not only Ahmadinejad's incompetence in running the government, but also they have the excuse of his reneging the orders of the Supreme leader.

This is again a delicate situation for the Greens. If the Supreme Leader comes out and fires a president who, according to the supreme leader, was elected by 24 million votes, then any semblance of a "republic" is officially removed from the face of the IRI. This will inevitably put the Greens in open opposition to the supreme leader; although Hashemi has reiterated that the Supreme leader is the only hope to divert disaster. At this juncture, I agree with Hashemi. To ask for removal of supreme leader, before he is dead, is to call for civil war. After he is dead, the position can be "respectfully" deleted from the constitution.

The best case scenario is if Ahmadinejad looses the confidence vote of the parliament; of the "senate" (i.e. the Assembly of Experts); or if he resigns. Then prisoners should be released, people be allowed to vent off for a while, a second election be held, and a Mousavi/Karroubi coalition win. I pray for the latter, helplessly optimistic.

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