Sunday, July 19, 2009

South Americans are Ahmadinejad's best friends


vagabond said...

I understand your anger but somehow I think they dont know about what is happening and since Iran and Latin American have common tormentors they believe (as their Govts. wants them to believe) that AN is a victim of some plot by the Coalition of Death. I also dont understand what made them wear AN ... something to do with puberty(militancy) I suppose. I also dont understand the PETA supporters though. Just a very mild request please remove the post ... it can be easily misunderstood in thousand different ways.


Naj said...


I have no idea why they are wearing him! But this is a protest, this is not approving AN!

Let the pictures speak their own facts!

an average patriot said...

You have been busy Naj. I liked the last video very much but loved this with Ahmadinejad!

Anonymous said...

I understand how dirty are the liberals