Friday, July 10, 2009

Police to the crowding people: I beg you, please go away, go have an icecream on my account!

Watch the below video carefully! It hasn't got gore and blood so it is unlikely to appear on the "liberating" media! (e.g. CNN)

listen to sounds and track the city in interaction. This will make you realize why there WON'T be a civil war in Iran!

Some crowd is gathering in this working middleclass neigborhood in mid West Tehran. The government has banned crowds of larger than four. (this has been the case for a long time but it is recently reinforced after the election.) A boy is roller skating. Cars are honking their horns. This is not an unusual sound in Tehran's traffic, but it sounds to me as if these horns are in solidarity with small and disperse crowds. Then a police truck comes. It announces on loudspeakers, with an uncle-ly voice:
"Go away kidos, I am humbly begging you to go away, go have an icecreame in the corner on my account, go away please."

The truck has barely passed that a few start chanting slogans. They are too few and the chanting stops. I doubt it stops because the big-bad police came back. I think it stops because it hasn't attracted other voices. And then, the boy who has been taping this comes home, announces on "" that he has such a video and after a couple of hours transmits this to us on YouTube.

You see? There IS "some" freedom in Iran! And when it is restricted, it can have several reasons. No government can stay on if it limits all communication and all freedom. It is because of the infrastructure put in place by the IRI mafia that we are receiving these images.

The men who are oppressing people are not doing it because they want a "theocracy". The Theocracy in Iran is a blanket to hide economic mafias.

But economic mafias NEED transportation infrastructure, need communication infrastructure, need safety and security, and EVENTUALLY need "LAWS" to protect them against eachother. This is the juncture at which our history is unravelling now! We are the collateral damage, to some extent. But it won't stay this way long. Nature operates in balance; and right now it is taking its course in Iran. 

... ONLY if the leaders of the coup circumvented a history that we have lived so repeatedly and did the right thing: CALLED to a new vote, and STOPPED arresting all these "foreign spies!!!", they would have come OUT victors ... perhaps it is not too late yet. I keep hoping.

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