Thursday, July 9, 2009

People seem to be out, and heading towards China's Embassy!

One of the challenges presented to the IRI in the past few days has been this:

"Why isn't the IRI crying "murder" at Chinese authorities for killing Muslims?"

One blogger write:
"No to Zionism, Yes to Communism?"

The SMS service seems to be off; I will post info/pictures of what Tehran looks/sounds like today. Today is the 10th anniversary of another student uprising when the Basijis attacked Tehran U, killed one, and arrested and injured tens of others.

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Pedestrian said...

Salaam Naj,

I am on the phone with my friends near the university on and off. Except for tear gas (yes, we've gotten use to it! "except") they say its been relatively quiet thus far. But if the police see you filming or taking pictures, they make you delete everything.

I'm sure we'll have pictures though - people have learned to be very creative ;-)