Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letter from the son of a jailed journalist Isa Saharkhiz to Ahmadinejad:

Issa [Eesa, Isa] Saharkiz is one of the most credited post-revolutionary journalists of Iran. His house was raided two weeks ago and he was in hiding, but today his son has twittered that  his father is violently arrested. 

Eesa Sharkhiz is one of the founders of the "Association of Freedom of Press" that awards journalists who have paid a price for defending freedom of speech. Here's his son's open letter to Ahmadinejad. Those who consider the Greens Western-puppets, take particular attention!!!

Ahmadinejad, if you know my father, you would learn honesty from him!

By Mehdi Saharkhiz

I call you only Ahmadinejad, because I have difficulty calling you "sir".
I have picked up pen to introduce my father to you. So you know who it is that you have jailed today.

First of all, I tell you that my father is a revolutionary. It was thanks to his service and other like him that the oppressive regime of "Taghoot" (i.e. Shah's Regime) ended so that a new chapter begin in our dear country. He spent all his life on obtaining and attaining the revolution.

Did you know that my uncle, my father's brother, was martyred in the [Iran-Iraq] war? It was thanks to my father and his comrades that an inch of this land didn't fall in the hands of the enemy. They risked their lives n the path of God and on the order of Imam so that this country do not become ruins. But neither knew that in future, the command of this country will fall in the hands of someone who hasn't the least respect for them and their sacrifices.

Did you know that when my father returned from the war, he put down his gun to pick up a pen to transfer the message of revolution to those who didn't know it. to my generation who was absent during the revolution, and during the war only sensed his long absences from home. He picked a pen such that this revolution move in the path of people's wishes and its leader.

Did you know that my father was the head of the Islamic Republic's News Agency (IRNA) in the United Nations?

Did you know that my father was the chairman of the Internal Press in the Ministry of Guidance and Islamic Culture?

I wish you knew my father, so he taught you honesty. I wish you knew him so you learned lessons in dignity, service and sacrifice.

My father is a defender of Muhammad's Islam, but you are a defender of your own profits! He has dedicated a lifetime to defend the republican basis of the regime. He wants the world to know that in IRan, people's vote is sacred, so sacred and valuable that if necessary one must die for it. He is trying that in Iran a religious rule of people be established, but you and your accomplices are wasting people's struggles and sacrifices for your worldly profits.

after many years, I have now been able to see your famous "halo" [Ahmadinejad is on vide tape, explaining to some Mullahs that when he gave his first speech in the UN a sacred halo surrounded him and the audience was captured to that light radiating around him!!!]. But unlike your claims, it wasn't a halo of light, but a halo of lies, deception, accusations, hypocrisy, injustice, and foolish populism! I know that in front of a mirror you are proud of yourself, but I am sure that even the mirror hates you!

Ahmadinejad, know that just as the history has judged our forefathers, it will judge you and my father too. Lucklily, your oppressive and censoring hand can no longer hide the truth. [The history] will know you as someone who cheated on people to keep his position, and sacrificed revolutionaries such as Abtahi, Taj Zadeh, Mir Damadi and many others. Know that his post will not bring you any respect.

"When the thorns were growing on the wall, I knew that a lowlife doesn't become elated by such a raise!"   

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David said...

Powerful words! I doubt that Ahmadinejad will read them, but I hope that many people in Iran will see this and similar testimonials. They can only help to galvanize resistance. The hypocrisy of the regime is profound and undeniable!