Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save Hajjarian: ACT PLEASE!

Feel free to take this picture and post anywhere you want.

Our pressures have worked. We HAVE to work, globally, for releasing all prisoners. Today, 140 are released on bail; and Iran's Guantanamo (Kahrizak) is ordered shut.

I try to prepare posters for other high profile prisoners who have been taken out of Evin (after the head of the judiciary ordered a probe) and into the detention centers of the revolutionary guards.


Anonymous said...


A reliable source has reported that Hajarian will be released one of these days.

Naj said...

the sooner the better. We should keep up the pressure! Their disgrace must be heralded universally!

RickB said...

Link for

easier than typing off the jpg (make jpg clickable to it maybe?)