Thursday, July 30, 2009

The memorial day update: 40th day of Mourning, Beheshte Zahra & Mosalla

I am putting links here that give a sense of what is happening in Tehran today! The news are happening at such speed that I cannot be coherent; but I try to add little commentaries ... (interestingly, today both the cell phones and the internet are working well in Iran! Is it a trap, or has the rank within the "intelligence" authorities broken after sacking Ejeh'i??) I am sure all this is already on CNN, but I don't trust CNN!

A better video here: The camera zooms on a cluster of the policemen who are walking in the crowd. They are not violent. But in the vide I posted before, you see the "basijis" on motor bikes, holding batons.

Karoubi can be seen in the middle of the crowds at the cemetery!

The regime is preparing for assassination ... They have openly attacked Karoubi's vehicle today; and they have removed bodyguards of Abdollah Nouri, The Interior Minister of President Khatami's.

More and more "original" revolutionaries (i.e Khomeiniists) are decrying the Basij/Guard crimes!

Ebrahim Yazdi (speaking on Radio Zamaneh) emphasized today that we should not put all of the Revolutionary Guard under the same blanket! He reminded us how they defended us in the Iran-Iraq defense; and emphasized that it is a faction within the Guard seems to be responsible for this. A lot of Old guards have started speaking up, reminding every one that Mr Ahmadinejad and many of those who are now attacking the old establishment have never been in the frontlines. Remember that Moghsen Rezayee the founding father of the revolutionary guard was running against Ahmadinejad. The killing of Mohsen Rouholamini, the son of a close confidante of Mohsen Rezayee, a pharmacologist in charge of Institute Pastor (a central pathology institute in Tehran), had highlighted the divisions amongst the conservatives. Even Zarghami, the head of the loathed national broadcasting corporation (Jam e Jam) has had enough of Ahmadinejad!

(I keep wondering who are those IDIOTS who vote Ahmadinejad as a "leader" or "socialist" in my poll! ... are you blind or DUMB?!)

Jafar Panahi the director of the internationally acclaimed films The Circle, The White Balloon and Offside, to name a few, is arrested!

Crowds are trying to gather and the police is resorting to the same savagery to disperse them!


ddmmyyyy said...

It felt like the day after the elections. Bins on fire, not silent, carn horns sounding continuously, sporadic groups of people holding up Vs (all ages, quite possibly more women) and no Basij or riot police (at least not in Mossala, ValiAsr, Vanak or Hafte Tir, just regular security). Oddly enough mobiles were working too. Weird. I still can't figure out why the security presence was so low (outside of Beheshti Zahra that is).

Naj said...


How was Mosalla? Many people?

Naj said...

yes mobiles and phone are working PERFECTLY! amazingly perfectly! It's worrisome too!

ddmmyyyy said...

Mosalla was semi-approachable. Surprised me how many elder folk made up the numbers. Counted: 3x pickups with ten up of soldiers, 20x bikes two-up with batons and conscripts, 20 of with some guys directing them about. Not many greeted them. Large car presence, noisy. Booing heard as bikers passed. So a friend told me ;)

Yes, suspicious as to why phones were functioning, but then curious as to why Basij were not seen in the city.