Thursday, July 30, 2009

Women Without Men: Tehran 30 July


Anonymous said...

Iranian women have been so brave; well they have bore the brunt of Ahmadinejad crusade on civil liberties. Zahra, Mousavi, Khatami, Karoubi, and all the reform movement have really been very brave. I think they sense that it is now or never.

Naj said...

Yes Anonymous!

It is indeed the IRanian women who brought about Khatami and his reform movement!

And it is going to be women who will bring Ahmadinejad down! It will be the "Mothers for Peace" who will battle him to the ground ...

Women of Iran have been participating in this since the constitution revolution! Our myths are full of Mother Kings and Mother heros!

I reject anyone who claims Iranian women are battered and weak!

Anonymous said...

Iranian women and men are not battered and weak. They have never been. Iranian people are a proud nation. And it is going to be the women and men who will bring Ahmadinejad down! It will be the "People for Peace" who will battle him to the ground ...

Please, do not introduce the gender factor to this struggle. This is the fight of a nation as a whole for independence, freedom and democracy, regardless.

Naj said...


I am not a feminist; and I do not generally care for gender issues! But female participation in Iran is a fact that begs attention. That differentiates Iran from the rest of the middle eastern muslim countries!

Its a distinction that I take pride in!

And because it is not very well known to very many people in the world; I keep bringing it up! Read a bit more of my blog; or at least read my profile!

Anonymous said...


I think the misconception about Iranian women is due to the lack of information about Iranian women in the western media. I had no idea that univerities are over 60% female (same as US) and Ahmadinejad tried to enact a law to limit the number of women entering universities. Blogs like yours are doing a good job of presenting the other side of the news.

This peaceful disobedience has really opened our eyes to the vibrancy of the Iranian society and that Iran is more than Ahmadinejad (and the mullahs) who represents a a very narrow segment of the Iranian society.

I am really glad that the bomb bomb Iran faction of the hardliners (have you realized that hardliners are the same all over the world?) in US did not succeed in convincing us to bomb Iran. We would have destroyed this organic movement that has sprang to oppose the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification, naj. I really got puzzled by the title that you chose for this post.

Peace V >>>

Naj said...


Yes, it was not chosen after Shahrnoush Parsipour's book! That woman is dangerously feminist! I had to chain myself to finish "Touba va Manaye Shab" without throwing the book out of the window! :)