Saturday, July 11, 2009

And these are NOT the police: they are the militia/special guards of Khamenei defaming Islam & threatening the Republic to create an Oligarchy

If any one is in doubt that Ahmadinejad's supported by a gang of goons take a look at this video. The gangsters (when Mosaddegh was overthrown, these criminal gangs were known as chomagh-be-dastan, i.e. baton-holders) are waving their batons and moving to the right. Then they target one car (it might be that the driver has honked the horn, or has made a remark to these savages.) Look how they start running after the little silver Peugeot 205, then listen to the sound of smashing glass, and through the branches see how they are vandalizing the car, on is standing on it. Then the woman behind camera whispers "they are beating them" ... pack of hyena ...


tnm16 said...

Hi Naj,

Thanks for your informative updates - keep it up!

It would be great if you also post on Mojtaba Khamenei's role as commander of Basij.

Also, I think many readers will be heartened to see U2 & Madonna's support the "green" cause in their recent concerts, if you have the video/photos.

Thanks again, and looking forward to reading more!

Naj said...

hi tnm16
you're welcome

I have not posted anything on Mojtaba Khamenei because I do not have enough objective evidence; and my personal standard for this blog is to not fall in trap of rumors and propaganda.

If you have proof for any of statements made about him, I will be most grateful if you forward them to me.

I have not posted on U2 and Madonna either; because their support is precisely what is pissing off a lot of Iranians INSIDE Iran who are opposed to the Coup regime of Khamenei/Ahmadinejad, but are also appauled by the "western vanities" promoted by these pop singers.

I like Madonna and I love her rebellious and authentic sensuality. I dislike U2 because I consider Bono to be phony! I am happy that with their support of Iran they are getting Iran on the hearts and minds of non-Iranians; but I am slightly aggitated by Iranians who look up to the support of western artists for inspiration to resolve their country's internal problems.

This is why in the past few weeks my quotation of any non-Iranian has been minimal; and I have been trying to operate as closely as I can to the ground, by listening to the voices of those "non-westernized" Iranians who are opposing the election fraud.