Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Has anyone heard Ahmadinejad or Khamenei of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemn China's massacre of its Muslim protester?!

I bet not!

and I bet you haven't heard that Mr Ahmadinejad's Minister of Oil is in China, handing over to them rights to Iran's wealth in exchange for participation in development of Oil refineries (for which the IRI will be paying, of course!) 

Oh yes yes Mr Ahmadinejad is a defender of the poor and what you see is just a class struggle because Mousavi wants to privatize the state; while Mr Ahmadinejad wants to keep it in the realm of his "untouchable" PUBLIC mafia!! 


goatman said...

I am always surprised when reminded that Iran does not have its own oil refineries. They would not only create jobs but allow for security in case of foreign intervention. Why give this business to the Chinese?

Naj said...

iran has some oil refineries but they have decided that because oil will be running out soon, it it better to make the investment in other sources fo energy which like dams, and nuclear energy.

Pedestrian said...

I DIED laughing at the monkey's speech last night! Remember we were talking about the fact that they might tone down the morality police? I think that really is going to happen. Social freedoms?

He can kiss my a**!

He even thanked everyone in e'tekaf!

This guy is hilarious!

Actually, I'm beginning to think we're going to have a HOOT watching him perform the next four years!

(the last statement was only semi-jokingly said!)

Anonymous said...

Iran is sovereign state, and so is China.

The Chinese Muslims are citizens of the Chinese state. They have rights and duties.

It is not up to Iran to interfere in the internal affairs of another state.

Iran has the same polciy in regards to India.

Even when tens of thousands of Muslims were murdered in Gujarat back in 1998.

This is the correct policy for international peace - non-intereference in internal affairs of other states.

And we do not have the power to do much for Muslims all over the world.

pen Name

Naj said...

Pen name, you re-emerged! yikes!

Well dude, point well made! I suggest from now on Mr Ahmadinejad stay out of Palestinian and Lebanese affairs as well!

Anonymous said...

We were invited to support those who had no one else helping them - 1982 when the Zionsit Regime attacked poor helpless Lebanon.

I am produc of that.

And the same for Palestinians. Someone had to help them.

pen Name

vagabond said...

Dear pen name,

So you have joined the protest!
I always had faith in you.