Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brain Drain of Iranians ...

240 Iranian postgraduate students have recently written an open letter to condemn recent violence on peaceful protesters who were doing little but exercising their right to peaceful assembly guaranteed by Article 27 of Iran's constitution; and to demand 

1) prompt and unconditional end to violence against the Iranian people
2) prompt release of students and journalists
3) prosecution of those who violated student's dormitories by beating and killing several innocent students.

A large number of individuals who have signed these petition are Gold and Silver medalists in not only national but international Olympiads in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences. I have prepared a chart, which I hope some of the "caring and loving!!!!" "brothers" of Mr Ahmadinejad's gang will see; and will realize what a HEAVY PRICE Iran will be paying for this brain-drain.

This list consists of mostly Physics and Engineering students; however there exists a large number of Iranian students training in medical and biological technologies. With all that has unfolded, these individuals are rethinking their desire to return home. Many more are packing to escape Iran. This is a heavy price, which I wished to prevent by voting for Mousavi ...

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