Monday, July 27, 2009

Torture Report: Khamenei is forced to order closure of a detention center due to maltreatment of prisoners

Finally, they can no longer deny it!

The Iranian head of the judiciary, Ayaollah Shahroudi, has ordered a task force to determine the charges or innocence of all detainees.

Khamenei has ordered one detention center (not known which, if any) closed, due to their improper treatment of prisoners.

Below, pictures of the most recent victims (see older posts for other losses of life and youth)

Ramin Ghahremani (30. Died after release from hospital due to clotting. He was tortured and hung from his feet for a few days)
Hossein Tahmasbi

Amir Javadifar Langroodi

Mohsen Rouholamini

Naser Amirnejad

Mohammad Kamrani

The following are also reported but await confirmation! I pray the news is false.

Ramin Ghahremani
Maysam Ebadi
Arman Estakhripour
Amir Javadifar

What is disturbing is that no "official" organization is taking responsibility and it seems that the detentions and torture are done without permission from the judiciary!

Given that the Minister of Intelligence (whom we thought was behind these arrests and tortures) is now sacked, it is even more puzzling who is running the arrest and intimidation show. Allegedly, the Revolutionary Guard!

On some Iranian news channels Ahmadinejad's quick temper with people who do not satisfy his desired narratives is repeatedly discussed. The minister of Intelligence seems to have opposed the idea of broadcasting the confessions (obtained under torture!).

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