Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Rap for Iran's new revolution

Tell them, I will always stay by Iran ...
This is the song of my heart


(maybe i get the lyrics off the video and translate.)

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vagabond said...

what do you think of this ?

As a fan of your blog can I make a request. Well two actually

1 Khatami(good Khatami) seems to be a very important person in Iran politics. Can you post something abt him ? I really want to know.

2 Iranians seems to write a lot, I am hooked with this letter thing its very sophisticated and seems to have a long tradition. Something abt them. Also the way speeches are delivered I mean when I read the translations I say WOW and when I hear some of them even if I dont understand I go WOW.

Man you ppl are unique.