Monday, July 13, 2009

Without Caption

This picture was posted with some rumors that Khamenei's camp (allegedly his son Mojtaba) are planning to sacrifice Ahamdinejad (in an assassination plot) to further militarize and clamp down the reformists. Rumor it maybe, but no harm in being paranoid and vigilant!


Pedestrian said...

I've been reluctant to post anything about Mojtaba because while the rumors seem to have some truth to them, I still have not seen substantial evidence.

But Naj, do you remember that in 2005, Karoubi came out and spoke against him? He said that "Mr. Khamenei's son, Mojtaba, has been orchestrating this fraud from within"

I just remembered that yesterday. I don't particularly trust Karoubi, but he's the highest official in the system to come out and say something like this. So I'm guessing there has to be some truth to it.

Naj said...

That why I haven't mentioned any opf rumors till now and that now Ia m stating this is rumor. vali migan ta nabashad chizaki mardom nagooyand cheezha!

Actually you know what? I am beginning to trust Karoubi every day a little more! I used to fight with my friends in his camp that "Iran is not ready for his message now", but they kept insisting that he is warning of fascism! I was wrong; I have been wrong ALL this time to think this regime is ANYTHING but fascist!

Pedestrian said...

Unfortunately I agree with you! You did a good thing by posting this. As you say, there's no harm in being extra cautious.

That's what I meant: that him coming out against Mojtaba WAAAAAY Back in 2005 means something big is under the table. He was saying this four years ago when few were concerned with these things.

But he knew what he was talking about apparently! As he did about fascism :'(

We have some acquaintances here, who despise everything about the IRI, but they speak fondly of Karoubi. Apparently they were on death row in the early 80s and they say he went out of his way to try to save anyone of them he could.

I'm going to sit back and try my best not to trust anyone for a good while and see how things unfold ... as much as that is possible of course!

mythiclibert said...

wow !
Rumors are intresting to some , they press the bood pressure going high . some feeling of climb the mountains in dangerous places , or taking part in martial art games !

not kidding , you need something eles beside "just rumors"

sport is one option another is hot political discussions . However you must take care to not sacrifice individuals but just go through PLAIN FACTS

I never thought to speak to Iranians in english that is great !
"ie Kalagh chehel Kalagh" ro mardom mikonan albate

but remember this :
"Nemo nolens credit"
nobody can believe against his will

another dual citizen

an average patriot said...

Mojaba is supposed to be worse that his Father and his choice to follow him. I know him not but you know me I trust nothing either.
I checked the meaning of Iran's colors and it seems to me Green represents the current regime.
Green - stands for terrorist. White - chimos. Red stands for Courage. The emblem in the middle stands for a red tulip.

Naj said...

Jim, you are wrong!!

Gene said...

I thought that being paranoid was just another way of saying 'being vigilant' ;-)

The cartoon: do you think he's aware that he'll fall down and hurt himself at the end? He's really working blind there.

Kindest regards!

David said...

This is the first time I have heard of Mojtaba. Do you think that Khamenei wants to create a dynasty with his son as successor?

Naj said...

well David, last month if anyone said such a thing i would say: "Are you crazy?"

But now, I am not putting ANYTHING past these FASCISTS!

an average patriot said...

Hi naj
If you are talking about the flag that is what I googled.