Sunday, July 5, 2009

IRI's response to people calling "God is Great" on their roof tops: shooting children!!

Please see the previous posts as well; and please be watchful of two groups in the mainstream media of your countries:

(1) The leftist liberals who consider this a "Western and Zionist" plot to do "regime change" in Iran. (They are often pro-palestinians and are foolish enough to believe IRI is a defender of Palestine and Lebanon!)

(2) The rightist conservatives who think this justifies military action against Iran! (They are often neo-conservatives or zionists who are enjoying this and are trying to glue themselves to the Green revolution of Iran only to discredit it. Among these are also some Iranians who run the CIA funded Los Angeles Iranian media!)

These two groups are just as harmful to Iran as are the fascists who have hijacked Iran! In fact, these two above mentioned groups are WHY Iran's revolution is hijacked and dragged to the mud as it is now!

Those who are suffering in Iran today are demanding nothing other than their human rights, their rights to political and social expression, their rights to peaceful protest, their rights to accountable elections.

Stand in solidarity with us and help the two groups of enemies mentioned above, who are free to operate within your free press and society KNOW that you are not fooled by either!

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vagabond said...

There seem to be no dearth of people to take advantage of hapless people.

Now who comes to the regimes help? Guess what? Israel, Saudi Arabia, BIDEN.