Saturday, July 4, 2009

How does European's care for Iranians in DANGER of IRI's Human Right's abuse look like?

This is an email response to a journalist and political activist (who happens to be a medical doctor) with a death sentence hovering over his head!

Dear Dr. X,
The Embassy would like to emphasize that we consider your mail as a request for general information, and not as an application for asylum. In order to apply for asylum in X you must be in X or at the Xian border. 

 [did you know airlines do not fly anyone to an Xian border UNLESS proof of proper entry visa is provided?]

Refugees outside of Europe are requested to ask for protection from the UNHCR.


An application for asylum/resettlement should preferably be forwarded through the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


We are sorry to hear about your situation. However, immigration to X has been restricted since 1975, and permit to stay is only granted under certain circumstances. The process of receiving refugees in X is primarily based on collaboration with the UNHCR and their refugee quota programme. Thus, in order to be accepted as a quota refugee, an application must be submitted and recommended by the UNHCR. Please note, however, that a recommendation from the UNHCR does not automatically result in an entry permit to X . Each case will be considered according to the criteria for selection of refugees under the annual refugee quota.


For further information please see the Xian Directorate of Immigration's web page:http://blahblah


You may alternatively be granted a work permit in X under the condition that you have been offered a job in a Xian firm. For more information on Visa procedures, please refer to http://www.blahblah


Look at this beautiful artist's view on the "other"


Anonymous said...

Iran: Protest movement inspires art

Manas Shaikh said...

You know Naj, I am very sorry about all this infight and bloodshed. I don't like all this.

Manas Shaikh said...

Why take refuge in Europe? Why not, like, in Malaysia?

It's not good to depend on the Europeans for protection. What did you expect. And indeed, that is what Allah warned us from. "Do not take unbelievers as your friends or protectors."

Naj said...


"it's not good to depend on Europeans for proection", I agree!

However, since it is the "believers" who are now the killers of innocent other "believers", people are afraid of the believing countries that have 'good' relation with our so called Islamic government.

Manas Shaikh said...

A blanket disapproval of all Muslims is too harsh, dear Naj. If it were that bad, then we deserve to be treated like the way we are by the Europeans. No, my friend, there is much goodness left in us. Have faith in our people.

We can have a civil disagreement. Those of us who can not, have to learn.

The Europeans will support anybody if they can see either profit in supporting them, or weakening the Muslim (or third world) countries.

Naj said...

Manas, So do you think Muslims should start acting like profit-oriented Europeans and support any savage who tries to harm non-muslims or who benefits them financially?!

Naj said...


I wasn't giving a blanket statement about all muslims, only about the SO-CALLED-ISLAMIC regime of Iran that is fighting and killing some of the best muslims this world has gotten!

Manas Shaikh said...

I can understand that, sister. They can try SA/UAE/Qatar. What's to lose in trying? InshaAllah they'll be safe.

Anonymous said...

Allah warned us from. "Do not take unbelievers as your friends or protectors."

Manas, you should be careful judging other people whatever who are.

Who tells you "Europeans" are not Believers?

Did you read Koran they are also People of Holy Books, from where this mantra judging all "Europeans" as Kufar?

What this, we we have Osma Bin Landen here?

I don't know if you been in any "Europeans" land and you find the how they are far better than your follow Muslims.

There is very famous words by Egyptian Writer who was comments then the became more links to Islam in his life he said:

I went west "European land" I saw ISLAM and I did NOT saw Muslims, and I went EAST (ME) I saw Muslims but I did saw Islam!!!!.